What should you do now?

When you've been struggling to sell your home for a long time, there's only one thing to do:

Start again.

At Home Domus 360, we do things differently.

Here's what we recommend for you, right now:

1. Take your house off the market

This will give you a clean break. It will remove your home and yourselves from the negative spiral. Staying on the market in your current state would be counterproductive. You need a fresh start.

So give yourself a break from home selling for at least one month.

2. Give notice to your estate agent

Give your current agent formal written notice and insist they remove any marketing materials from their advertising.

3. Think ahead to the best time to relaunch.

Maybe the winter has not been very welcoming? A spring launch will bring much greater benefit. Maybe a mid-summer campaign will not attract as much interest as desired? Avoid August and choose September instead.

If it's the wrong time, it's better not to waste time and effort on the market.

There's no benefit in rushing to fail. Take your time to succeed and prepare for the right time!

4. Prepare, fine-tune, and deliver

When you're ready to relaunch, come and see us. We have a comprehensive checklist to help you sell your home.

Our approach typically requires up to 21 days to prepare your home, fine-tune the details, and deliver our complete marketing strategy.

It's also an excellent time for you to review and finish those lingering small repair jobs. The ones you never quite got round to completing last time because of your busy life...

We'll give you a full report, and also advise and aid you on the best possible way to stage your home for our professional lifestyle photography and 360 immersion. Together, we'll “brand” your house and create your beautiful bespoke brochure.

We take all the time required to perfect the marketing strategy and maximise a successful, dynamic, and aggressive launch so that you can sell your home in the shortest time at the highest price.

5. Run the final checks

It's time to double-check everything is right.

By now, our bespoke photography and unique 360 tours are ready to go live on our website and online portals, and your beautiful brochures are printed and ready to be leafed through.

But we want to ensure everything is perfect before we launch. Together, we'll review the marketing materials and ensure everything is perfect.

6. Ready to launch

Much like launching a rocket, everything has been triple-checked and checked again, and all the energy is now going to propel your house towards success.

But it won't get there on its own.

The previous 21 days have been calm, composed, and executed to our exacting standards.

Now it's time to launch.

We intend to throw every marketing tool at our disposal to make your house highly visible and highly desirable.

Lift-off is Thursday afternoon - the peak viewing time before the weekend.

The next two weeks will undoubtedly be the most crucial period to achieve the right price at the right time.

7. Arrange the first viewing

The first viewing of your home takes place two weeks after the launch date. There are two reasons for this timing:

1. It's the optimal time to maximise the marketing.

2. It gives you some breathing space before buyers arrive at your home.

We do the first viewing alone while you disappear to do a spot of shopping or a visit to a friend.

We will typically introduce you to potential buyers at the second viewing.

8. Agree to sell

After 21 days marketing, 14 days launch period and intensive marketing, and another 14 days of possible viewings, you'll have agreed to a sale.

Our target is to sell your home in 49 days.

But our job is far from finished. We'll continue working with you to reduce the completion time.

Please check out our Selling information to find more answers for a successful, bespoke marketing approach.