Valuation & Marketing Plan


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A typical 360 virtual tour

Renvyle house

Thank you very much for considering us to market your home, my purpose here is to show you:


  • How I get to a valuation for your home
  • My marketing plan to achieve that price
  • My fee structure



Your home

Type of home


Sale history


Internal area

Plot/land area

EPC rating

Council tax band

Detached House


No available data


2120 sq.ft



G (£3205 per year)

Using the office of National statistics, I can usually project a first "base" valuation of what your property should be worth based on the price you paid for it, the date your purchased it and the improvements you have made.

For example the property prices have gone up by between 40 to 45% since 2016 and between 20 and 25% since 2020. Because I have not got any data on the price you paid 22 years ago I cannot project a price using that method

Comparative method

I look first at comparable properties sold recently in the area rather than the ones currently on the market as they tend to be overpriced. If you click on the property address you will see the listing if still available.

First avenue near you

"Under offer" from £950,000 but not sold even though it has been on the market since September 2021. It typically started too high and under-marketed. However it shows that a 3 bed not as desirable as yours would attract offers from £950,000. This would project a price for your 4 bed between £1,050,000 and  £1,100,000.

Albany house, first avenue

We sold this 5 bed detached on First Avenue for £800,000 in early 2021. Had we waited for the Summer we would have got £850,000 like next door at Redwood. Prices have gone about 10% since then which would project a 2022 price of £935,000. Your property is smaller but offers a far better position in First Avenue and therefore a likely 10% premium or more. This would project a price for yours around £1,050,000


A larger 5 bed ( 3,400 sq.ft) which we sold in 2020 for £1,200,000. Following a 20 to 25% price rise this would be worth between £1,400,000 and £1,500,000 now and around £426 per sq.ft. I mention this because I believe that £500 per sq.ft is roughly the value of a property on the "right side" of First Avenue. This would project a price of £1,060,000 for yours.

Currently on the market

What are the properties that you would be competing against?




The Crescent

A larger 4 bed detached with a swimming pool on the Crescent at £1,200,000. I think another case of over-valued and under-marketed and therefore not selling at the price advertised despite the high demand. This is currently the only property over £1million inside the gate.

Valuation range


Minimum price: £1,025,000

Valuation: £1,050,000 - £1,100,000

Max valuation: £1,125,000


Your home is on arguably the best location among the Avenues while there is currently nothing on the market to compete. The downside is that the valuation will be limited by the number of bedrooms (4) and the size (2,120 sq.ft).

With the right marketing, it is imaginable to think that over £1,100,000 is a reachable target.

As you will see below, the key parts are the price strategies and the marketing to sell the lifestyle and to get the best outcome from all the many great points offered by your property.


Marketing philosophy

Marketing Plan = the right price + the right price strategy+ the best presentation + best promotion = better outcome

The marketing must be the absolute best and use every possible tools to attract the maximum amount of interested parties.



Maximum exposure

In the 21st century, estate agents are also "advertisers" or "marketeers" using the number one portal which is Rightmove. The more people see an "advert" on Rightmove, the more potential buyers are "reached", the more viewing appointments are booked in the same short amount of time, the more competing offers are received within that same time frame and the higher the probability is to sell over the original asking price.

If you click on the picture below you will see the average "reach" for our home sellers over the last month, the last 6 months and the last 12 months.

This is for the whole Tendring peninsula CO13 and CO14 where you live:

It is not actually about "bragging" being at the top of the "leaderboard" but for our home sellers to receive the top exposure. That means nearly 3 times the exposure from the average agent and twice as much as most agents. More importantly this just makes a difference in your capacity to get the best possible price. You will see that typically the busiest agent in Frinton marketed over 10 times more properties than we did but our home sellers received a lot more attention from potential buyers.


Price strategy

The valuation is one thing but the price strategy is how to reach the best possible outcome.

A price to entice could well trigger competing offers and a higher accepted offer. We deliver this for about 60% of our sales. Over the last 2 years, going overpriced can yield some results but it can also be counter productive.

Within the strategy you will find variations in order to keep the listing more dynamic as the passing of time is correlated to a decrease in exposure and a lower probability of achieving competing offers over the last asking price.

You can see the profile of a typical listing by clicking on the picture below:

Price strategy 1 ( a price to entice)

We launch with a price tag of "in excess of £1,050,000" for 3 weeks and if no "proceedable" offer is received, we actually move the price up to £1,100,000 for another two weeks before price reducing to "in excess of £1,075,000" and move back to £1,100,000 or reduce to "in excess of £1,050,000".  We can keep rotating every two weeks. This has the effect of:

  • Boosting exposure on price reductions
  • Painting a picture that the price is between the 2
  • Makes the listing less stagnant and less likely to attract a lower offer

A 2% price reduction boosts the exposure on Rightmove.

Price strategy 2

We launch with a price tag of "in excess of £1,100,000" for 3 weeks and if no "proceedable" offer is received, we price reduce to "in excess of £1,075,000" and move back to £1,100,000 two weeks later to reduce  later to "in excess of £1,075,000" again and then £1.050,000 to follow the first strategy.  We can keep rotating every two weeks.

Price strategy 3 ( try high)

I am aware that many agents are likely to give you an inflated view of what they think they could achieve. I do know that they cannot offer you my level of marketing and exposure. I would agree to try a higher price as long as we have a plan B.

We launch with a price tag of "in excess of £1,150,000" for 3 weeks and if no "proceedable" offer is received, we price reduce to "in excess of £1,125,000" and move back to £1,150,000 two weeks later to reduce  later to "in excess of £1,125,000" again and then £1.100,000 to follow the second strategy.  We can keep rotating every two weeks.

I have a very high % of success as you may transparently check out on my performance page. These strategies allow 60% of my vendors to sell at or above the original asking price. Another 30% of my vendors will at least achieve a selling price within 3% of the original asking price.


Presentation and promotion

As you would have noticed from my website and/or all the listings on Rightmove, I pride myself for delivering a "high-end" marketing to all the properties I sell and I would deliver the same with yours:

  • Twilight photography
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Unique 360 photography and virtual tour
  • Pro photos
  • Proper floor plan
  • lifestyle description
  • Bespoke brochure

There is nothing to pay upfront! No sale no fee!

I spend a long time capturing the right pictures and process them, I strongly believe that the best possible presentation will only help to sell better. It is what I call " the slow-in, fast out" strategy or preparation to succeed.

The buyer must fall in love with it so selling the lifestyle goes well beyond selling bricks and mortar.

Once everything is ready, I typically launch a listing between Tuesdays to Thursdays and between midnight and 6am because I have calculated that this gives the absolute best exposure on Rightmove.

All my listings get a "premium listing" for ever and a "featured listing" for at least the first 3 weeks and anytime we price reduce. People cannot buy what they can't see and my philosophy is to provide the highest possible exposure for all my listings, something that I achieve anywhere I list properties and can be measured in Rightmove as you saw above.

"The longer it takes to sell, the harder it gets to sell" and the best exposure and the optimum probability to sell higher (with competing offers) is achieved in the first 3 weeks of marketing ( what I call "plan A").

My philosophy is to give you the best possible marketing that is normally seen with more expensive properties! Your home deserves the best!

This last bungalow in Frinton-on-sea, we marketed from £500,000 and accepted an offer at £500,000 within 12 days...

This one is Clacton, we listed at £350,000 and accepted an offer at £358,000 within 2 weeks of marketing...