Plan A “Star”

How to sell your home efficiently

Our job as an estate agent is to sell a property efficiently which we understand as being the optimum price range achieved in a reasonably swift time frame depending on the client's wishes.

We first establish a valuation range and think of strategies to deliver acceptable offers towards the top end of that valuation range.

We aim to calculate the right price range and we show you transparently how we do it.

You can find such a report which we build and send to our home seller here

We are fully transparent with our valuation and our fee structure, nothing is secret here! If potential buyers request it, we are also happy showing our valuation data because the only true price is the one that buyers are willing to pay ( within reason) and the one that sellers are willing to accept. Our job is to correctly identify that price "range" and apply our best expertise in reaching it.

We do not aim to push buyers to pay an unreasonably high price but what we may define as the "Correct" price.

This is validated by the fact that 90% of all our property sales happen between 97% and 106% of the initial marketing price. Most agents tend to overprice, under market and then push their customers to drop the price.

Overpricing and successive price reductions are not the recommended way to achieve the best selling price as you may wish to check with our recent "cases".

We have observed that this tends to deliver a selling price below the optimum price which would have been achieved, had the marketing started at the "right" initial selling price.

Equally we have no issue with displaying what our fee structure is as we aim to propose different choices for all our potential vendors.

Once again our fee structure is transparently displayed on our website and on the valuation/marketing report.

We are probably the only UK agent offering you a fee option whereby there is nothing to pay if we fail to achieve what we promised you.

You can check it out here

Of course we want to be paid for our labour but we feel that our fee must truly represent an incentive based on your expectations from us. If we do fail to reach our agreed target price, our fee level will quickly decrease until £0 if we don't even deliver the minimum selling price.

Do you want to check transparently what our previous home sellers have achieved with Home Domus 360?

Check it out at our very informative "performance" page

How do we provide a better outcome? check it out below...


It may require at least three photo sessions as the optimum conditions might be different between internal pictures and external pictures and of course the "Twilight" photography. We aim to portray the property in the best possible light. Sometimes it involves tidying up and moving things but this property was immaculately presented.

Check out by clicking on the picture to view the full gallery:

The twilight picture is often used as the first one we displayed on our listing because it is beautiful and different, it helps engaging the attention of viewers!

At the same time as the "normal" photography we aim to capture the 360 photography as we think that the property should look the identical and "feel" the same.


Once the multimedia element has been captured and processed, it is time to launch the property on Rightmove and our website.

We provide premium listing for free on Rightmove for all our home sellers because it helps to make the property more visible.

We also provide featured listing for free on Rightmove for a minimum duration of two weeks for all our home sellers because it really boosts the exposure.

If the property has the right price strategy with the right marketing, it simply attracts more online viewers as you may transparently find out below:

We often receive around 1000 views on the first day but this one attracted more for a number of reasons.

So how did our home seller's listing perform in the same period against other agents in the same area (CO16)?

Physical viewings

Our aim is very simply to show you the property in the flesh and in a manner that the potential buyer will appreciate.

The first objective is for the potential buyer to experience a relaxed and informative viewing visit, the vendors are more often not present and visitors won't be feeling that they need to make polite comments about the property just for the sake of it. Our function is a bit like a restaurant waiter, we are here to present the "menu"and answer questions, we are here to listen rather than constantly talking, besides the visual connection with the property should do all the talking. Once we have shown the whole property, we very often more out of sight and out of ears from the viewers, we want them to feel free to talk about themselves without having an annoying estate agent listening to their conversation. We trust the viewers to make an informed decision whether the property is right for them or not. We certain never ever tried to sell the property unless the viewer has expressed a clear intention to buy it!

The second objective is to understand if the viewer likes the property or not and if they would like to buy it or not.

A relaxed happy viewer is more likely to tell us honestly where they stand after that viewing experience and we are more capable of transmitting an accurate feedback to the vendors.

This often cannot happen when vendors do their own viewings.

In this precise example, 11 viewings were booked and 5 were conducted on the same day with potential buyers in a position to proceed. This translated simply with 4 viewers wishing to buy the property, 2 stuck on the lower price limit and 2 paying a bit more.

The right way

Plan A was to sell the property after roughly 10 days on the market, plan A* is to achieve the same outcome with competing offers from buyers in a position to proceed within the first week of marketing.

It is simple and we apply the same methodology with all the properties we are entrusted to sell. Sometimes we sell in 2 days and sometimes it takes us 9 months to find the right buyer but it does not matter if the property is worth £2million or £200,000 as we spend as much time and expertise as we possibly can to deliver what our home sellers expect of us.

Why are we showing you our successful method? Should we be scared to divulgue our secrets?

Most estate agents do not have the time, the expertise and the desire to deliver the required efforts to best sell your property. Most estate agents are "listers" : they list your property, hope and pray that it will be enough for a buyer to turn up. Most estate agents cannot and won't give you this level of photography unless you pay a lot of money for it, they won't give you a free premium and featured listing on Rightmove, they won't conduct viewings and won't help you to negotiate the best selling price. Most estate agents are not interested in my winning formula because it will cost them a lot of time and money to change their own model. Marketing for most estate agents is to spend money to get you to sign with them, it has little to do with selling your property!

I am showing you my winning formula because I care for you to understand what it takes to sell efficiently your home and I think you should choose your estate agent very wisely. We would love to help you sell your home of course but thankfully we are not the only agent capable of reaching this high standard. The very good ones do know the right formula to serve you!

Thanks to our winning formula, we have demonstrated that we are the only agent in the whole Colchester area with a Getagent % over 100%.

We are also proud to report that our home sellers are happy to leave very positive reviews on the trusted ESTAS website...