Transparency of performance

Property Location Completion date Sold price % achieved
Beaumont Hall Beaumont 10/9/21 £2,000,000 100%
35 Queensway Holland-on-sea 3/9/21 £530,000 96.36%
20 Ken Gatward Frinton-on-sea 6/8/21 £320,000 98.46%
Slade road Holland-on-Sea 30/6/21 £370,000 102.78%
Torquay drive Leigh-on-sea 30/6/21 £218,000 99.09%
Southcliff Park Holland-on-sea 30/6/21 £560,000 101.82%
11 Haven Holland-on-sea 29/6/21 £560,000 101.82%
Walnut tree cottage Great Bromley 21/6/21 £1,000,000 105.26%
41 Jubilee Ave Clacton-on-sea 18/5/21 £315,000 105%
48 Weeley road Little Clacton 18/5/21 £402,500 98.17%
Albany house Frinton-on-sea 15/4/21 £800,000 96.97%
Merryday Frinton-on-sea 1/4/21 1,250,000 100%
10 Upper Fourth Frinton-on-Sea 12/3/21 £365,000 104.29%
Maltings House Boreham 9/3/21 £390,000 88.64%
2 Parsonage way Frinton-on-sea 3/3/21 £570,000 97.44%
146 Connaught Avenue Frinton-on-Sea 15/2/221 £535,000 97.27%
White Rose Cottage Tendring 8/2/21 £370,000 101.37&
28 Point Clear St-Osyth 8/2/21 £305,000 101.67%
The Old Cottage St-Osyth 1/2/21 £510,000 102%
Burnham Court Clacton 15/1/21 £280,000 101.82%
Campernell Close Brightlingsea 21/12/20 £255,000 98.08%
Harold road Frinton-on-Sea 21/12/20 £582,500 99.57%
St-Osyth road Little Clacton 21/12/20 £454,000 100.89%
Turner Close Clacton 18/12/20 £250,000 100%
Holland road Frinton-on-sea 15/12/20 £570,000 97.44%
Thorpe road Kirby Cross 15/12/20 £440,000 97.78%
The Cage St-Osyth 10/12/20 £220,000 91.67%
Springfield meadows Little Clacton 9/12/20 £315,000 100%
121 Thorpe Road Kirby Cross 2/12/20 £450,000 100%
870 St John Clacton 24/11/20 £387,000 96.75%
The cottage Beaumont 19/11/20 £500,000 100%
Ashdown Wickford 9/10/20 £917,500 99.19%
Holland road Little Clacton 7/10/20 £505,000 101%
Gratian Close Colchester 7/10/20 £420,000 98.82%
Woodlands Frinton-on-sea 24/9/20 £1,200,000 104.35%
Beacon way St-Osyth 23/9/20 £250,000 100%
Windward Frinton-on-sea 17/9/20 £765,000 102%

Getagent calculates what % of the original marketing price is achieved...

Let's show you transparently our true data over the last so many sales and over the last running 6 months as a minimum


Overall, our customers have achieved significantly better results than other estate agents deliver in the same postcodes and price range.

89.2% of our home sellers achieve 97% or more of the original asking price while our "getagent" average has remained above 100% for over 2 years and now slightly dipping below.

Our true current "performance %" is 99.67% over the last 12 months with a standard deviation of 3.3%.

57% of our home sellers have sold at or over the original asking price!

We also calculate a "sale ratio" which is simply the number of sales agreed divided by the number of listings and can be visible on Rightmove data ( we cannot publish them fully). Our sale ratio for the CO7, CO13, CO14, CO15 and CO16 postcodes is 69% which is the third highest for this area and while the average is 60% and the lowest sale ratio is 40%.

Check for yourself on to see what % other agents are achieving in the various postcodes we have sold. You will see that choosing the right agent may may a huge difference on the selling price and the general quality of the service.

Click on the picture to view the gallery of data

(Data above correct as of 6/9/21)

We are advertisers and marketeers of properties, our job is to make your home as visible to as many potential buyers and this is what we do: Across the whole Tendring peninsula, your home will receive 2.8 times exposure than with the average agent! Click on the gallery below to see the data ( name of agents hidden as per Rightmove rules)


We don't mean to belittle our competitors but we believe that the business of selling your home (which probably happens to be your only tax free asset) should be put in trusted hands.

Such agent should be capable of displaying their true transparent performance level...we do!

Would you invest half a million pound with an unproven financial advisor? Should you trust the sale of your home with an agent based only on his promises?

We believe you should have access to performance data and verified reviews of all the agents operating in your area so that you may have an educated choice.

You may find such feedback/reviews here

Feel free to call me 01206 377 888 or drop me an email if you'd like to know more

Here's the scenario...

You're looking to sell your home. Or perhaps you're already struggling to sell your home.

We are so confident on reaching the minimum selling promised that should we fail, we will be charging no fee!

Transparent about our performance level and our fee structure

We'd love the opportunity to demonstrate our innovative marketing approach and help you achieve the asking price you know your home is worth.

Don't just take our word for it and check out how we helped our recent home sellers and what they have achieved through our expert marketing.

This is a list of all recent completed sales but you may also check out the stories about recent accepted offers by reading one of latest blog

Or you may wish to check our recent "cases".

You will witness that all our home sellers receive the best possible personal service with every efforts geared towards reaching their goals. All reviews have been certified by ESTAS as genuine feedbacks from our clients, mostly vendors. There is no trick here! even our website is free of cookies, we do not harvest your data and track your every moves, we treat you with the respect you deserve at all times.


Here's are a few early and later examples of what our home sellers achieved ...


Our very first sale: In the Tendring 'CO16 0' postcode, it usually takes over 188 days to sell a house valued between £400,000 and £600,000 with a price reduction of 5.6%. For example, you'd have to reduce a £488,846 house by £27,222 to generate a sale.

Cherry Tree Cottage

Completed at £520,000 in February 2019 (4% over the original asking price)

Cherry Tree Cottage

In our case, an offer over the asking price was accepted in 16 days, but unfortunately, after one week the buyer pulled out for personal reasons. After a further 28 days, a second offer over the asking price was accepted. Overall, it took us 52 days to sell above the asking price, and we still beat the average time by 136 days.

Our last completed sale

Walnut tree cottage completed on June 21st at £1,000,000 following an original asking price of £950,000.

Around 6000 Rightmove views, 17 actual viewings, 7 competing offers after 5 days of marketing


Our last but one completed sale

41 Jubilee avenue completed at £315,000 after a short marketing of a few days at "in excess of £300,000


Our last but 2 completed sale

48 Weeley road completed at £402,500 after a marketing it at £410,000


Our last but 3 completed sale

Albany House in First Avenue, Frinton-on-sea completed at £800,000 on April 15th after being initially marketed from £825,000 after Boxing Day


Our last completed sale but 4

Merryday in second Avenue, Frinton-on-sea completed at £1,250,000 on April 2nd after being initially marketed from £1,250,000.