“Our philosophy is to bring Responsibility, Accountability, Clarity, and Transparency to our fee structure”

Responsibility and Accountability

At Home Domus 360, we are responsible for our actions and accountable to you for achieving a specific target.

We provide three different valuations of your home: the Minimum Price, the Market Price, and the Target Price.

But unlike other estate agents, we take this one step further and accept the consequences of our actions based on the sale price achieved.

In short, if we fail to achieve the minimum price, there will be no fee to pay! Our full service would have been for free!


We bring clarity to what we propose with a clear set of actions. You'll see everything presented in simple terms. Expect short content with bullet points, instead of fluff and waffle.


We have nothing to hide. Everything is in the open for you to see: what we do, how we do it, what we charge, and all the different pricing options. You can even Download our Terms of Business to read at your leisure.

Note: You can find our agency terms at the bottom of each page.

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