Or how to present your house to sell!

When going on a date or a job interview, you always ensure that you present the best possible version of yourself right?

Why wouldn't selling your home require the same amount of effort then?

You are unlikely to be chosen on your presentation alone, but you are likely to be overlooked if you fail to be taken seriously by the way you project yourself.

We are living in a visual age where substance seldom succeeds without form.

This applies to your home too, so with that in mind how should you better represent your home to sell it better and more quickly?

Basic Rules:

• Fix EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE: Survey your house like a Sergeant Major. Make a list now of what little or big things need fixing; a broken door handle, a cracked tile... everything! Less is More: less DIY for the prospective buyer equals more value for the house!

• Clean EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE: bathrooms, toilets and kitchen should always be spotless, looking clean and smelling fresh! Do make sure to hide the cleaning products and do put a new unused toilet paper roll out.

• Windows: Often overlooked, the windows need to be cleaned for a photo shoot and before a visit, as a recent survey underlines the fact that over 90% of prospective buyers will rush to the windows and check out the views

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Basic Rules:

• The Garden: The Garden may be the last thing shown during a viewing so ensure that the grass is mown, leaves are raked, and the patio is clean, to leave a lasting impression!

• De clutter: Less is More! Less mess, more value to the house. Viewers need to be able to see a blank canvas. They need to be able to imagine what their future home could look like!

• Freshen up: A Blank canvas effect is maximised with a fresh lick of neutral paint, it will help to make your house appear lighter, cleaner, tidier, fresher and bigger.

• Homely: Keep little references to one’s own hobbies and personality. It might connect with the prospective buyers and make it look like it is not just some hotel, it's a home.


Home Staging and Lifestyle Marketing:

Luxurious bathroom products on display; quality not quantity! Fluffy colourful towels oozing luxury, unused and beautifully presented

Fresh flowers. They look good in photography and contrast very well with the uncluttered style you will have achieved, they will bring the right scent to a viewing

Big, beautiful, fragranced candles! They look great and bring a positive happy scent to your house... Is it homely yet?

You've made your bed of course but don’t lay in it yet: Dress it up with lots of pillows, beautiful bed linen and a luxurious throw...Is it homely yet?

Fresh bread and pastries on display in the kitchen do look appealing in a picture and will entice the taste buds during a viewing...Is it homely now perhaps?

Roasting and grinding your own coffee would be the Icing on the cake but the simple comforting smell of freshly made coffee will work magic... How about now? Is it homely?

Fruits will also bring colour and underline a fresh, happy, healthy lifestyle. A nice touch is also to keep the fruits in season and ideally sourced from a local farm shop or local market

Which room do you use to relax? What features did you like when yourself bought the house? Enhance them! What can you do to convey these vibes to the prospective buyers? Lighting maybe?

Maybe you might stage your favourite relaxing spot with a bottle of chilled pink Champagne inside a gorgeous bucket full of fresh ice and 2 crystal flutes? They're just waiting for you to come home!

Don’t forget the fireplace and light it up, it's warm and inviting, not to mention...homely!

No doubt your viewers are going to want to look outside your pristine windows,... You have by now beautifully staged and promoted a wonderful lifestyle inside your home. Don’t forget to do the same outside! Flowers pots contrasting with a freshly cut lawn, some lanterns placed thoughtfully around your favourite sitting spot...if it is good enough for your garden fairies, it will be magical for your prospective buyer.

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