Innovative and Honest

Home Domus 360 has a refreshing, innovative, and honest approach to selling your home.

When you decide to sell your home with Home Domus 360, you'll receive a minimum risk-free investment of £1,000 to craft your bespoke marketing campaign.

I'll demonstrate to you where and how much I will invest in your campaign before I start. And you can proceed knowing that if you don't sell your house, then you won't incur any fees from me.

No sale. No fee. No risk. (And I lose my investment).

If you sell below the minimum price promised, you will be paying NO FEE if you indeed choose that option.

We will offer you at least 3 options to choose from:

  • a typical 1% fee including VAT
  • A fixed fee + performance fee
  • £0 fee + higher performance fee

The variable Performance Fee only applies to the amount gained for you above the promised minimum price or target price agreed.

Truth, Transparency and Deliverability this is what an excellent Estate Agent should be for you!

That way you can be sure that we do not promise you a selling price just to get your business!


I want my fee structure to reflect honesty, transparency, and accountability.

Selling a house requires a certain level of investment to achieve the right result. And a performance related fee encourages me to sell above your target price.

My incentive to achieve the best selling price is both double and real:

  • It's 'real' because I don't just list your property at an unrealistic price. Instead, I invest in what I believe to be a highly probable outcome. if I do not reach the minimum price promised, I will charge no Fee!
  • It's 'double' because it's in my interest to (a) achieve the right sale and (b) put more money in your pocket by selling above the promised target price.

I also believe that estate agents shouldn't charge additional tens of thousands of pounds for selling a more expensive property. For instance, why should an estate agent charge £2,500 for selling a £250,000 house, compared to £25,000 or more for a £2.5 million mansion? That is one heck of a difference for what is, in essence, the same task.

My solution to this problem is to correctly assess the price and calculate the probability of selling your house. When we both agree on the required strategy and fees involved, you'll know you have the best possible chance of selling your property at the best price.

Are you ready to schedule a free consultation? I'd love the opportunity to get to know more about you and your home.


**Note: Home Domus 360 is currently not VAT registered, so you also save on the VAT.