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Did You Know...

  • 70% of all interest shown in a given property happens in the first two weeks of marketing.
  • The longer it takes to sell, the harder it is to sell.

We aim to maximise this and focus on delivering results between 2 to 4 weeks once we market your property on web portals like Rightmove.

We firmly believe that the correct pricing and the best possible marketing can achieve a higher final price in a shorter time - typically under 50 days.

It is not only a belief or just an opinion, it is a fact!

the correct pricing + the correct marketing = a superior outcome

Case studies...

Two recent case studies on "correct" pricing and better outcome:
  1. I put a property on the market back in June2020 which had been on the market for nearly 2 years before. They got the wrong valuation and advice from estate agents and started above £400,000 which was totally ludicrous. The house next door sold at £290,000 which was almost identical but a little smaller. Their estate agent at the time then pushed them to drop the price and they spent the best time of 12 months going down from £400k to £325k. I think they had less than 5 viewings in 12 months, never the glimpse of an offer. Unsurprisingly the marketing was poor and the agent probably gave up trying anything new. From recommendation the vendor contact me and I valued the property between £300 and 315k. I prepared a new better marketing and relaunched it at £315,000 still believing it was too high but of course an improvement all round on £325k. Basically the vendors were reluctant to choose my strategy of going out for in excess of £300,000. After 32 viewings I eventually accepted an offer at £295,000 as the property needed some work and that was the only offer I got. Long story but the property fell through early December and my advice was to wait to relaunch after Boxing Day with a price tag of £300,000. 15 viewings later and 4 competing offers later we once again accepted an offer but this time at £305,000. The moral or that story is that if there is such a thing as the optimum true price ( let's assume 300k in this case), starting too high and arguably 5% too high at £315,000 delivered a price 2% lower than the £300,000 mark while starting at a slightly more aggressive price and better strategic price delivered nearly 2% over. At the end the latter strategy delivered £10,000 more for a £300,000 property, a 3.3% swing between the two prices ( 305 and 295k). I have soften my views on overpricing, i.e. sometimes it work but statistically I doubt it works in most cases. A 5% overpricing might generate a 7% negative swing to reach a buyer ( unsurprisingly 7% is not far from the average % price drop of most agents) while the correct price is more likely to produce a 1 to 2% positive swing. All in all it means around 3% more money in the pocket of the seller.
  2. During a viewing I saw a vendor on the market with Purplebricks and 2 other local estate agents. The property looked great but the marketing was not that great. More importantly they were on the market at a strange price of £293,500. They explained that they had accepted an offer before from Purplebricks at £293,000. Anyway I thought that the property was worth a bit more and I offered my services for free and no fee if I could not reach more than £293,000. I am charging 50% of what I would achieve over £293,000. I thought that a price between £295,000 and £300,000 was achievable. I prepared a better marketing, asked my vendors to instruct all their agents to move the price up to £300,000 and I launched at the same price, premium and featured listing. Anyway after 8 days they had 4 viewings, one from each agent including myself, so far 2 offers at £300,000 ( one of them is from my first time buyer). One of the other agents ( not Purplebricks who did not care) were against the price increase and told my clients that I am a small agent and clearly don't know what I am talking about. The moral of that story is that the marketing price does matter and when being 2 or 3% below an important Rightmove price search, it is worth moving up to the right price band even with a view of accepting a lower offer.
  3. Back in May 2020, a vendor approached me to value a property but ended up choosing another local agent who produced a poor marketing but sold quickly at £341,500 to supposedly a cash buyer. The property had been marketed at £350,000 with only two pictures. 3 months later the vendor spoke to me in distress as the so called cash buyer had been messing around. I prepared a far better marketing and also use the same price of £350,000! 5 days later we had accepted an offer at £365,000! A difference of £23,500 for the same house, starting at the same price but with a different marketing!
Of course it is not always easy to calculate the absolute right price and too many times overpricing is a product of having to compete with other agents inflating expectations to gain a listing. My thoughts and instinct after my short experience as an agent ( just over 2 years) is that overpricing by more than 10% is usually a killer but marketing a property 5% over is kind of acceptable. I would also say that one has to be very careful if pricing aggressively as a 5% underpriced might only generate a 2/3% upswing on average so the margin for error below the optimum price is thinner. Talking of which, the right price strategy is a thin line but it does make a big difference for the vendors while justifying using a better more expensive agent...always!

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