“Thank you for inviting us into your home!”

Your home is unique, and so too are the feelings and emotions that are part of its fabric.

We'd love to hear your story, so please indulge us and share your fondest memories.

...We'll not say 'no' to a cup of tea and a chat around the kitchen table...Now's the time for you to ask us your questions, too...

Once we appreciate the essence of your home and understand your objectives, using our very unique "triangulation" method, we'll provide you with three valuations:

  • Minimum Price
  • Estimated Market Price
  • Target Price

The Triangulation method consists of valuing a property using the usual "comparative" method, our own price per Square foot approach and a specific analysis of the historical price trend for the given area and property type. We explain each result and don't just get numbers out of a hat. Furthermore we run our very own projections of achieving the targets promised and the probabilities for each outcome versus time. There is a very strong correlation between Price and Time on the market: it is vital to get it just right!

The Minimum Price is the lowest valuation of your home. Should you chose the relevant fee structure, we will not charge anything should we sell your home at this price or below!

The Estimated Market Price (EMP) is a fair and logical valuation of your home according to our detailed market appraisal.

The Target Price is the value that our bespoke marketing aims to deliver in our target timeframe.

We cannot stress enough the importance of the correct valuation and we will not promote a property that we know is overpriced!

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We're also transparent about our fee structure and let you choose from our "a la carte” pricing options.

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