"We are looking forward to sharing some of our selling strategies with you in order to deliver the best possible sale at the best possible price."

Our bespoke selling strategies are tailor-made to maximise the unique features of your property

Did You Know...

  • 70% of all interest shown in a given property happens in the first two weeks of marketing.
  • The longer it takes to sell, the harder it is to sell.

We aim to maximise this and focus on delivering results between 2 to 4 weeks once we market your property on web portals like Rightmove.

We firmly believe that the correct pricing and the best possible marketing can achieve a higher final price in a shorter time - typically under 50 days.

It is not only a belief or just an opinion, it is a fact!

As a vendor when you agree an offer through our superior marketing, you are currently accepting to sell 1.12% over the original marketed price and under 30 days!

If we are the first one to market your property, when you sell with us, you are currently achieving 103.3% of the original market price and under 21 days!

Our average sale is £389,944 and we have over performed by 1.12%, that is £4,367 on average more in the pocket of our vendors compared to initial expectations.  If we compare to the average Colchester Estate Agent and kindly use 97% as their capacity to deliver the asking price, we are currently outperforming the industry "standard" by 4.12%.  In other words if our customers had chosen Mr Average agent, they would have £16,065 less in their pockets and would not have sold in 29.33 days on average!

The same causes will produce the same effects:

the correct pricing + the correct marketing = a superior outcome

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