Let's meet and discuss your plans

What should you expect on your “Appraisal”?

Let’s be honest, I don’t like the word “appraisal”! Who is appraising whom or what?

As a potential customer you will be appraising me appraising your home and that sounds too much like a very formal exercise. I much prefer to talk about our first meeting together with a view to talk about marketing your home.

I or one of my colleagues will be meeting you personally in your home and this will usually take about an hour. Typically I will ask if you prefer to show me your home first or sit down for a chat, it is up to you. We may both decide to sit down first and talk about you and your potential plans.

How long have you lived there? When and where are you planning to move would be the main questions but the conversation will also lead to introduce myself and our agency. The next step would be for you to show me your home as it will help me build a better understanding of the potential value. This is now a perfect time for a nice cup of tea so I may explain how different our approach really is.

First of all do not expect a valuation/price on the spot, I usually prefer to get back to the office and prepare a written detailed valuation/marketing plan. You may check out an example here.  I usually spend two or three hours preparing your report because it is not a guessing game, sometimes it is straight forward and other times more complex as  selling your home is too important a task to have only a preconceived idea.

You may have invited other estate agents to give you an "appraisal",  you don't need to feel pressured in disclosing other valuations as I wish to give you my honest opinion based on a careful and transparent data analysis and not some kind of auction to gain your business with the biggest number game.

I will explain and show you how we are different, how and why we get better results for our clients:

  • we take the time to prepare the best possible marketing for your home, regardless of the price and we will show past or current examples
  • Our home sellers enjoy the highest exposure on Rightmove and we will show you the data
  • Our home sellers enjoy the best possible outcome, we will show the data and explain you how
  • We conduct all viewings and we will explain why…
  • We will also explain our fee structure which is totally unique

Overall, I would like you to relax and understand that we are here to help you make your own informed decision.

We are professionals but are also human, we listen to our clients and we can make it enjoyable and fun.