"Home isn't a place, it’s a feeling."
- Cecelia Ahern, 'Love, Rosie'

Why yet another Estate Agent? Why us?

My name is Florent Lambert, and I want to change the way you sell your house. I want to make it a unique, enjoyable, honest, transparent, and efficient experience.

Why us?

  • I'd like you to have a pleasurable experience if you buy or sell through our services.
  • I'd like you to achieve a successful sale that's over 100% of the correct original promised price in the shortest time possible to help you move on smoothly and swiftly.
  • I'd also like your buyers to confidently buy a house through Home Domus, knowing they'll acquire a beautiful home at the right price.

But I'm sure you've heard all that before, right?

  • I currently achieve at least 100% of the original asking price on average
  • Our vendors have accepted offers quicker
  • Our completion target is 70 to 90 days following accepted offer.

That's only possible by placing you, the customer, first. After all, this is about you and your home.

And that's only possible by taking great pride in our work! We are as proud as you are of your home!

Why "360"?

Sure, I like to adopt new technologies, and I have this fantastic Bespoke 360 Tour that I provide as standard with all our listings. But beyond this, I also have a 360-degree approach to my whole business where I keep an open-minded attitude and question every aspect required to deliver an excellent service.

Thinking outside the box is great, but being outside the box is better!

I believe with absolute certainty that it's vital to capture the essence and feel of your home so that we may project its uniqueness, exclusivity, and desirability.

We are experts at maximising the efficiency of selling your home : we are constantly number one in Rightmove average daily figures across all agents in Essex and this exposure guarantees that your property is seen and desired by not only the biggest audience, but the right audience! More importantly this translates into showing your home to a bigger and wider audience, thus increasing the probability of finding the right buyer quicker. The formula is very simple but requires to market the property at the right price while preparing the optimum marketing. It means investing our time, expertise and money to deliver a sale for you.

We'd love the opportunity to get to know more about you and your home.

Meanwhile, here's a chance for you to get to know a little more about us.

"Hi, I'm Florent,

Florent Lambert

Hi, I'm Florent,

Before launching Home Domus 360, I spent 28 years trading in the commodities market, where I crafted my own valuation tools and trading applications for some of the largest investment firms in the world.

By applying the correct asset valuations and understanding the probabilities of selling at different prices, I was able to secure millions of pounds for my investors and increase the yearly traded volume of my primary market by a hundredfold.

After suffering at the hands of typical estate agents in the past, and seeing other people's dreams of moving home shattered, I decided it was time to remove the guesswork from property valuations.

Since making the transition to estate agent, I have applied my unique valuation methods to selling properties and have already achieved some consistent and quite spectacular results.

I want to take the business of selling properties in a new direction where everything revolves around you, the customer. I’ll be your personal property adviser listening to your needs, your objectives, and crafting the right plan to deliver the results that you expect.

Together we can make selling your home a pleasant and efficient experience for the best possible selling price in the shortest of time.