£300 towards your conveyancing costs

Should you buy or sell through Home Domus 360 and should you use one of our recommended* solicitor/conveyancer you will received £300 towards your conveyancing costs if the property transaction falls through despite your best efforts*


Estate agents tend to be paid by solicitors if and when they "refer" buyers and/or sellers to them.  Some companies like Purplebricks even makes it almost compulsory for their vendors to use their so called "premierpropertylawyers" and if  you don't, they would need to pay more.

I very strongly believe that so called "referral fees" are totally and utterly wrong in this business!


Estate agents are mostly unqualified in their own field and fully unqualified over any legal matters. Would you trust your second hand car dealer if he did advise you on how best to choose a financial adviser?

Would you trust them even more if you knew they received a fee for your transaction?

Estate agents do certainly have close contacts with solicitors and may indeed have strong opinions about who to instruct and who to avoid but the very fact that a referral fee may be paid is a clear sign of a potential "conflict of interest"

At Home Domus 360 it has been our very clear policy to never accept a referral fee from any solicitor.

Up to now, we have never ever received a single penny from any solicitor we may "recommend" to our buyers and/or sellers.


We have forged our opinion based on previous experiences and we sadly believe that, like estate agents, most conveyancing solicitors are not delivering a good enough service for their customers.

Using the wrong solicitor like using the wrong estate agent is likely to cause misery and therefore may cost time and money when trying to buy or sell.

It is fully in our interest to "recommend" the very best solicitors because we want the transaction to complete as we only get paid when it does.


We are now going a step further as we are now accepting to be paid a fee by the top solicitors that we recommend.

That fee is typically around £100 as we love to transparently disclose the factual truth.

We don't just want to make some money from "recommending" solicitors and therefore we are offering a £300 payout to whoever uses our "recommended" solicitor in the event of a purchase and/or sale not completed through no fault of the buyer or the seller.

This underlines a key difference between a referral and a recommendation.

To refer is to direct someone without engaging any kind of responsibility or accountability

To recommend someone is to give a seal of approval while "vouching" for that strong advice.

Should you use our recommended solicitor, we will receive £100 from them and we will pay out £300 should the transaction fail to complete through no action or fault of yours...

Simply we put money where our recommendation is!


* Once the memo of sales has been sent to all parties and should the transaction falls through through the action or inaction of other parties.