On average, our cherished vendors have accepted offers in 26.91 days and achieved a sale of 101.79% of the original asking price.

When you decide to sell your home with Home Domus 360, you'll receive a minimum risk-free investment of £1,000 to craft your bespoke marketing campaign.

“You'll achieve great results because I invest in your future. You have nothing to pay, and I craft a bespoke plan around you. No Sale, no Fee and if you don't reach the promised price, there is no fee either! I want Home Domus 360 not to be just a good Estate Agent but to be an excellent Estate Agent for you” Florent Lambert

Florent Lambert

Are you thinking about moving or struggling to sell your home?

Take a look at how we can help you sell or buy your dream property.


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At Home Domus 360 we combine old-fashioned customer values with modern technology to deliver a bespoke quality service to all our clients.
As home selling artisans, we'll craft the perfect marketing campaign for your home.